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old stones exhibition
25-04-2019 18:00 30-05-2019 19:00 Asia/Jerusalem old stones exhibition <p>"old stones" an art exhibition by the artist Ihsan Al Bandak , a collection of painting for the old Palestinian cities in the early 20 century</p> Bethlehem
25 Apr 2019    6:00 PM
Dispersed Crowds by Khaled...
04-05-2019 19:00 20-06-2019 21:00 Asia/Jerusalem Dispersed Crowds by Khaled Hourani <p>Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to invite you to the exhibition opening of Khaled Hourani titled Dispersed Crowds.<br /> <br /> Opening reception: Saturday 4 May 2019<br /> 7 - 9 pm<br /> Exhibition continues until 20 June 2019<br /> <br /> Khaled Hourani questions in this exhibition the difference between individuality and collectiveness. He captures moments prior to or during demonstrations and echoes them on his canvas with much focus on the individuality of members of the crowd. In this body of works the individuals seem to take different directions in a constantly moving motion as if each is busy within his/her mind. Each seems to be immersed in an action of disperse within what appears to be a collective action of protest.</p> Ramallah & Albireh
04 May 2019    7:00 PM
 Continuous reinforcement
10-05-2019 10:00 05-06-2019 16:00 Asia/Jerusalem Continuous reinforcement <div> </div> <div>The Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center invites you to "Tazila II" which runs throughout the center's working days from Saturday to Wednesday From 10:00 until 16:00 For those interested in purchasing and buying old and beautiful furniture, there will be office furniture, cabinets, bookshelves and offices for sale at reasonable prices.</div> Ramallah & Albireh
10 May 2019    10:00 AM
Ramazan Nights
16-05-2019 19:00 30-05-2019 23:00 Asia/Jerusalem Ramazan Nights <p>Ramazan Nights</p> Ramallah & Albireh
16 May 2019    7:00 PM
Four Masters from Bilad Al...
18-05-2019 13:00 22-05-2019 15:00 Asia/Jerusalem Four Masters from Bilad Al Sham in the Birzeit University Museum <p>This exhibition comes as part of an overall program of showcasing Birzeit University Museum’s ethnographic and art collections. The museum’s collections have been steadily growing and expanding in size and breadth thanks to the generous donations of artists and collectors from Palestine, the Arab World and the world at large.<br /> The theme of of this exhibition has been chosen in light of the successive changes taking place in Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria & Palestine – the Levant). Nameley those which have continuously striven to fragment this cultural and historic whole into splinters of ethnic, sectarian, and political differences in an attempt to create new realities on the ground and revitalise outaded divisions and differences which any inquisitive mind can discern and expose. New generations have somewhat become oblivious to the deep cultural harmony that once united Bilad al-Sham over the centuries, particularly in light of the increasingsense of regionalalisation and the attempts to turn it into apermanent national identity.<br /> <br /> By celebrating the works of four different artists from Bilad al-Sham in the University’s collections, this exhibition is a cry of defiance in the face of regionalism sectarianism, localism and tribalism. It is an attempt to retrieve and highlight our collectives similarities in Bilad al-Sham through artistic expression and talent.<br /> <br /> Each of the three female and one male artists showcased in this exhbition reflect divergent and independent schools of thought and artistic identities. What unites them is a collective sensibility that is informed by life in exile, away from the homeland as is the case of many of the Arab world’s artists and itellectuals.</p> Ramallah & Albireh
18 May 2019    1:00 PM
Biography of the Sultan, evenings...
20-05-2019 21:30 20-05-2019 22:30 Asia/Jerusalem Biography of the Sultan, evenings and tales <div>Biography of the Sultan</div> <div>Ramadan evenings tell parts of the popular biography of Sultan Al-Zaher Baybars, and recount popular tales of the Palestinian heritage. In an attempt to continue the presence of Hakawati one of the traditional faces in the month of Ramadan. And the biography of the Sultan .. It is the second event organized by the team of Palestine Haya to re-narrate parts of the epic popular Shami, initiated by the Arab Educational Forum in 2016 in partnership with the French Institute for Arab Studies, whose researchers edited the biography and re-published in 16 parts. The first evening on Monday 20/5/2019 at 9:30 pm at the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center The second evening on Monday, 2019/5/27 at 9:00 pm * The invitation is general .. You are invited to contribute to support the activities of Khalil Sakakini Center by donating NIS 10</div> Ramallah & Albireh
20 May 2019    9:30 PM